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KAthryn Whitaker

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Kathryn Whitaker lives in Coventry, Vermont with her husband of over 33 years and her two dogs. She is a mother of two amazing adult children and grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren. Kathryn is a photographer by hobby and by passion. In her 'day job,’ she is a neurodevelopmental specialist (another passion!) at North Country Supervisory Union and a partner in the organization, Practical Autism Resources.


As the daughter of artists, she grew up appreciating the beauty around her, particularly in the wilds of rural Vermont. She has loved photography since she got her first Kodak Instamatic camera for her 9th birthday. In July 2012, she purchased my first DSLR with gear and a whole new world (and learning curve) was before me!


From macro photographs of insects to glorious sunsets, Kathryn loves to capture the natural beauty of Vermont to share with others.


Kathryn’s profile photo was taken by her daughter, Amanda Dobler.                 


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