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   Tanya Sousa


Tanya Sousa


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Tanya Sousa was raised and schooled in the NEK of Vermont. She grew up spending much of her free time writing or outside in the fields, forests and with animals, although she ended up earning a living as a young adult in community development and working with children. By the time she was in her late 20's, her writing and career began to blend frequently; by the time she was 40 she integrated her art and her social concerns completely and launched into writing as a profession and not just a "hobby". Her books and essays have received awards, accolades and excellent reviews - including most recently her novel "The Starling God", which made the short-list for the national "Green Earth Book Awards" - Young Adult Category.

Tanya writes books, short stories, essays and articles that promote empathy.

  Starling God by Tanya Sousa  

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