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   Jeff Fellinger


Jeff Fellinger


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Trees are amazing. They give shade, oxygen, soil stability, habitat and, of course, wood. I've chopped and shaved and cut and drilled the stuff since I was knee-high to a hobblebush. Working with it gives me great peace.


In the building or deconstruction of most any wooden structure, inevitably there are board ends cut off, chunks of flooring that bust as demolition occurs, sections of beam that are bad at one end but good on the other, treasures to find up in the rafters. Cutting boards are a superb way to utilize these pieces, and to extend their life beyond helping only to start fires. Very often the pieces tossed aside have the most interesting character. In general, I do not like waste. It is bad news. We all could stand to be more conscious about how much of it we produce and put up with.


During the day I'm a restoration carpenter. By night, sometimes a musician. By day and night, a husband, outdoorsman, and lover of fixing things and baking pies. I grew up in Williston and have lived much of the last 2 decades in Burlington, with much Western and European travel mixed in. The NEK has been home for just 2 years now, and it's delightful to have space for my 'country boy' sensibilities to blossom (plus, there's way more space for stocking up on cut- off chunks of wood!) My shop is in an old carriage barn in Newport. I love to think of all the days and people and snowstorms and sunbeams that have passed over and around this workspace throughout the past century. I hope to expand my work gradually to encompass games, kids toys, and small furniture pieces.




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