Past Exhibitions and Events | 2010

Hi-Low Exhibit December 11 - 22, 2010

Photographer Ned Castle collaborated with youth living in difficult circumstances across Vermont to re- enact high and low moments from their lives. The resulting large- scale photographs depict elaborate re- creations of these situations. Audio narrations by the participants provide context for the photographs and explain their significance. The responsibility of creative decision- making was given to the youth—from selection of highs and lows to selection of final photographs and audio. While the exhibition still bears the imprint of the photographer, its resonance comes from the participants’ willingness to share such personal moments. Their openness provides a revealing look at the range of experiences that have shaped their lives.

Remembrance: A Memorial July 9 - September 6, 2010

July 9 – September 6, 2010 Remembrance is a collective, collaborative artistic response to loss that, in it’s purest intent, is to honor fallen service members, as well as those who continue to serve. It is dedicated to families who continue to sacrifice, not only through death, but time away from loved ones. Each abstract figurative sculpture is left to the individual to design and construct; in this way, the memorial belongs to the masses. Its progression is influenced by the investment of each individual and therefore continues to grow and evolve. The figure is created using a single tea bag which has been steeped and dried. Tea water is used to dye fabrics and strips of paper containing the individual names of fallen soldiers. The intention of using tea is to infuse the figure and name with comfort and reflection. Tea is closely linked with healing, both physically and emotionally. In many cultures, tea is associated with ceremony and ritual. Shared socially with family and friends, it has an inherent commonality. The MAC was the only venue in VT to host the exhibit.