Bonnie Woodford-Potter | Visual Artist

Bonnie Woodford-Potter

Several of my deepest loves and joys are being outdoors, and drawing and painting. I have been outdoors, and drawing and painting all of my life – first at my sister’s elbow – a brilliantly talented lady, in many of the Arts.

My ‘careers’ took me through 22+ years in Printing, including my own Graphic Arts & Design business, and then going ‘back to school’, and opening a private practice in NeuroMuscular Therapy. I retired in 2012.

Retirement has given me lots of time to indulge in my loves – drawing and painting and creating. I’ve been fortunate to have several excellent teachers, all along the way – and the opportunities to paint together with other painters, who’ve generously shared their thoughts, and aspects of their journeys.

I have always been in love and need of the outdoors. I seek a relationship with the landscape by drawing and painting in it – with it. I celebrate the colors, the juxtaposition of shapes, colors and textures, and am pleased to share the results with you.