Catherine Holm | Writer

I recently moved to the Northeast Kingdom (Norton, VT) ,after living in Minnesota for almost 45 years of my life. The hills and the beauty of Vermont give me a joy that it’s hard to put into words.

I am the author of literary fiction (currently, two short story collections) and writing that has to do with cats (a cat-themed memoir and cat fantasy fiction). I love the process of writing fiction, and exploring the imagination. Some of what I write veers slightly into magical realism, but it’s not necessarily intentional and it can be almost not there. I love the thought that there could be magic and possibility in every moment and every situation, and I love going deep under the surface. I care about people and I believe that some of the most mundane moments in our lives can be most profound. Themes that tend to come up in my writing include nature and its impact upon us, how landscape shapes us, transformation, and the power of the human/animal bond. I’m always happy to talk about writing and the creative process, and hopefully provide inspiration to others.

I am also a yoga teacher and a freelance writer. I love being outside as much as possible and I believe I get much of my inspiration from those quiet moments in nature, meditation, movement, or some combination of these.