Diana Poulin | Pottery

When I am throwing pottery, the rest of the world just fades away. Something very zen- like happens in the process of centering and throwing a pot. I turn up the music and lose track of time and space. The art of pottery is a powerful thing.

Pottery should invite you to pick it up, run your hands around the piece and enjoy the texture of a finely hand crafted pot. Wrap your hands around a mug and feel the thumb line down the center of the handle. Hold a bowl in your hand and imagine it filled with corn chowder. The maple pitchers have fingerprints on the side to create a handhold. Each one is slightly different so try several to see which one suits you.

In 2010 I opened Muddy Waters Studio in Newport. I have several students that keep the studio alive with ideas and inspiration. Watching their excitement as their pottery skills grow makes the studio a vibrant place. Stop by to see a class in action or watch a pot being thrown. Please feel free to call me to ensure that the studio is open. (802) 673-8808