Elaine Cole-Kerr | Painting

Elaine Cole-Kerr is a well known artist from Greensboro, VT. She is a self-taught artist and works with many mediums. Landscapes, birds, wildlife and flowers are some things she paints. People commission her to paint their house, animals or a special spot they love. Elaine is painting all of the 110 historical covered bridges in VT and has created calendars which started in 2021 and it will go to 2030. She has recently illustrated, written and published her first children’s book titled The Floating Sunflower, a book about animals in the forest, sunflowers, and togetherness. Both the calendar and book can be found on her website ETSY shop.

Born and raised in Westmore on a mountain top overlooking Lake Willoughby is where her inspiration and love for art began. Painting and creating has always been part of her life. Asked once why she chose art, Elaine replied, “I truly don’t think I chose art….I believe art chose me.”

Elaine’s husband, Rod Kerr, is a great supporter of her work and builds beautiful frames for her. They have a gallery at their home 1492 Town Hwy 8 in Greensboro. It is open most days or by appointment…(802) 533-2333. Her work can be viewed on her website www.colekerroriginals.com, Facebook…Vermont paintings and Cole Kerr Originals.