Ellie Roberts | Jewelry

I work to create organic designs, inspired by nature, with qualities
of movement, texture, and intricacy.

I have been deeply inspired by the Modernist Movement of the 60s which produced beautiful handwrought studio jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces.

As a child, I would spend hours rock collecting and that wonder has now come to fruition as an artist searching out the perfect gemstones to compliment my work.

All of my work is done exclusively by me from start to finish, using
the traditional tools of metalsmithing. There is a dance that takes place between the raw metals, the tools, my hands, and the gemstones. The result is a hand-polished piece of jewelry that carries the essence of the ancient, like a rare talisman that has been cherished for years.

Living in Northern Vermont and having a studio nestled in the woods has inspired many of my designs, such as my Moon Phase Designs, Wildflowers in the Wind, Dragonfly Magic, and Bee Love.

My goal is to create an intricate adornment that will create
a mood in the wearer of gratitude for this wonderful experience
of life we have been given.