Fabienne and Nathalie Clément | Basket Weaving

A few years ago, two sisters Fabienne and Nathalie Clément discovered the beauty of Vermont and decided to buy a piece of it where they would spend their weekends.

Raised in Canada, and having spent their childhood summers in a little village in the Gaspé near a Micmac Indian settlement, they have been introduced to traditional basketry through their mother, a dedicated collector.

Exploring the Green Mountains one day, they came to the Old Stone House Museum where they discovered the pleasure of weaving baskets, in a superb environment, and surrounded by new friends who shared the same passion…

After a few years of training they created “Two Sisters In One Basket” in 2013.

“Our baskets offer more than various uses: while perpetuating a Native American tradition of weaving, they also protect your precious things!”


Photos by Isabelle Jetté