Iso Marks | Polymer Clay

My creations are an expression and a reflection of my eclectic taste. I have always admired unusual and indigenous jewelry and art and extensive travels have enabled me to collect both from around the world.

The work is a testament to the love and respect I have for other cultures, evoking memories of China, Laos, Thailand, North Africa, Egypt and of aboriginal designs from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Images of cranes, dragons,ravens and other symbols are present in much of the collection.

The jewelry and small ikebana- type vases are imprinted or etched,always textured.They are then embellished with stones,beads and other glass,wood or metal additions.

I think of my work as wearable and functional art which hangs around my neck or graces my table daily. The vases with a couple of fresh flowers look very Asian and add a particularly striking focus to any room. The jewelry is a part of my personality and contributes to the definition of who I am. Seeing my art on others is especially gratifying.