Joan Sbarro | Pottery

When I took an elective pottery class in college, I knew  that I wanted to find time for clay in my life. I majored in Elementary Education, and put my energy into the career that I loved for more than 30 years. I took a few pottery workshops now and then to have fun creating with clay. 

I now have more time to explore this enthralling medium. Like chanting a mantra, centering clay is meditative. Clay offers me endless possibilities for creative expression. I find inspiration from nature when I immerse myself in the outdoors of our beautiful Vermont.The essence of clay lends itself to whimsy! My pots are joyful pots and they each sing with their own uniqueness. La la la!  Pick up one my pots and feel the joy.

You can find me making pots amidst playing my fiddle, singing, hiking (I completed the Long Trail!), being outdoors  and spending time with family and friends.