Karl Ehrlich | Photographer

I am a marine and freshwater ecologist with a background in forestry. My life’s work has been to protect and restore our common universal heritage — The Earth and its Inhabitants.  No matter what one’s gender, economic status, religion or other beliefs, we are all Earthlings.  If we don’t find common ground to restore, preserve and protect our small but precious planet, we shall all be doomed.  Photography is an extension of my life’s work. 

I have lived in the woods, on the edge of Lake Massawippi, since the ‘90s.  I cohabit the land with 450-year old white pines, deer, and turkeys, amongst a multitude of other native members of the biosphere.

Lake Massawippi is my muse.  Images are dedicated to the more than 180 indigenous peoples of Canada (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indigenous_peoples_of_Canada) and particularly to the Abenaki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abenaki) who dwelt in the area and lived close to nature.  Lake Massawippi and its environs, with their infinite and exquisite forms, are a microcosm of the grand Canadian habitat of far-reaching skies, vast forests and innumerable water bodies. 

With few exceptions, my work is about nature: water and land.  I try to capture aspects that are often passed by without being noticed when focus is on broad landscapes. Form, light, and colour are not only fleeting but often overlooked or lost when one sees and photographs objects as illustrations.  My goal is to show the beauty and soul of nature with refreshed perception and to focus on spirituality, emotions and the mysterious.