Linda Schneck | Harpist /Composer / Beekeeper

I yearned toward music at a young age. As a child who loved silence and the world of the imagination that the palpable sound and scent of woods and creek evoked, music was for me a place of comfort. When my father died, I found solace in both music and the world of nature. I felt the mutuality of sound as its reverberations circled back to me, expanding my sensing of the world. Today I continue to experience music, not as a completion, but as a doorway that holds the potential for beauty, mystery, and wholeness.

Living and working as a contemplative musician, I seek the sounding life not only within my own imagination, but within the imagination of the land where I dwell. The harp, an instrument vibrating close to the body, has a voice meant for intimacy, a voice meant for revelation. With honeybees, birds, and bells as emblems for study and meditation, I enter into archetypal ways of being within nature, sound, and the continuous becoming that is a human life. I am brought back to the rhythmic fertility of the forested world of my childhood, to the experience of the grace- filed moments when the dream of earth, sound, and spirit meet.