Nancy Nash | Pottery

Hand built clay pottery is my passion and fun! All of my pieces originate from a flat slab of clay. It is constantly fascinating to me to see how many fun, unique forms I can create from clay. My work is eclectic, fun, sometimes practical, sometimes elegant, sometimes funky and organic.

I became fascinated with hand built pottery over 7 years ago and have been creating ever since. It is what I do with every spare minute that I can find!

My inspiration is from the clay itself. With every form I make, I find the inspiration for new pieces.

Glazing is one of the most exciting phases of creating my pieces.

My colors come from colors in nature…the beautiful ocean and sands of Martha’s Vineyard where I lived for many years, and the mountains and spectacular sunrises and sunsets of my current home in here in Newport, Vermont. I am constantly exploring new combinations of glazes to make the most beautiful pottery possible.

My greatest joy is in the creation of my pieces. I hope that will enjoy owning them as much as I enjoy making them