Pat Lipinski | Visual Artist  Quilts

Through the years my husband and I have collected and always enjoyed art. We purchased our first painting together when we were just 21 years old, and I still have this painting today. After a busy life in business, and working as a Registered Nurse,and raising a family we have settled here in the Northeast Kingdom.

The beauty of Vermont has been my most significant inspiration to paint. At the great age of 65 I started my adventure in painting.

Watercolors flow freely like the hills and valleys of Vermont and it is with this inspiration I view my storybook paintings of all that surrounds me.

My quilting reflects the traditions and values that are, and always will be, in the heart and soul of Vermonters.

The rigors of winter flow into the mud season of spring only to wait for the summer sun and soon to view the beauty of autumn. This we all know is truly “The Kingdom” .