Phyllis Hamond | Painting / Writing

Phyllis Joy Hammond resides on the Canadian border in Newport Center, Vermont where she has her own gallery. She has long had a love affair with the landscapes of the north and their plant life. Underlying themes of her work continue to be her love of wildflowers, forest floors, mountains and seeing more spiritually.

November 1998 saw the publication of her book “Traveling with Wildflowers from Newfoundland to Alaska” which had a soft cover printing by a Canadian Company in Newfoundland the next year. As a result of her publication Mrs. Hammond was invited to be a speaker in Denali National Park, Alaska, St. John’s Botanical Garden in Newfoundland, Canada, and at many flower shows and garden clubs.

While on her second trip to paint in Iceland, Mrs. Hammond was invited to return the next spring 1990 for an exhibition of her Icelandic work. Following this show she was invited to present her Icelandic work in North Dakota and Alberta, Canada. There have been shows of her other work in the St. Johnsbury Vermont Museum, Texas, and other places in the U.S.

In 2013 Mrs. Hammond published a small soft cover book with the children of the Elementary Schools in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. They wrote about her travel sketches with such imagination that she just had to do a book with them – their writing about her sketches.

The following summer saw a major publication of a third book “ICELAND A Second Visit…A Necessity”. This book includes about 30 of her Icelandic paintings with her text. Wanting others to love and see that land as she did led her to do this book.