Robin Perreult | Jewelry

Robin Perreault was born in Nashua New Hampshire in 1983. He was quickly introduced to Vermont and grew to love traditional woodwork under the tutelage of Bruce Simpson of Simpson Cabinetry. A ten year apprenticeship refined his skill and appreciation in preserving the natural beauty of wood and taught him the value of his own hands. After the passing of his mentor and friend a commitment to finding his own identity in the world began. Vermont Bentwood Handcraft was a company founded in that pursuit, utilizing difficult and obscure techniques to strengthen small wooden profiles allowed durable wooden jewelry to become the focus of his life. Lamination processes that produced curvatures which maintained form while combining multiple species within each piece became common themes throughout his work. Central to his philosophy is a commitment to showcasing surface grain patterns, enhance core fibers for increased durability, and showcase precise hand worked detail.

General Design Philosophy: Our products maintain a few common themes. They are developed using a process I call intact fiber infused lamination that provides a new level of integrity, durability, and strength for small wooden profile. There are no exposed end grains, surface grain is on display for every item which maintains and presents the natural detail and beauty of each species. Steam worked and pressure bent techniques provide a curvature that maintains its form throughout the products lifetime, and enhances the aesthetic appeal by providing depth. The final rule of design for us is to bring together and combine multiple species of wood in natural colors and contrasts.