Ron Lavalette | Author

I was born in Connecticut and have always lived in New England, gliding glacially northward until finally settling here, a quarter century ago, in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, land of the fur-bearing lake trout and the bilingual stop sign.

I started writing almost by accident when, ages and ages ago, half-way through High School, a student teacher accidently left a copy of Ferlinghetti’s A Coney Island of the Mind on my desk, thereby erasing everything I’d been taught about poetry up to that point and making the endeavor far more relevant and necessary to my real-world existence.

Now (finally!) I’m a very widely-published writer with work—both poetry and prose—appearing in journals, reviews, and anthologies in both print and pixel form, and my debut chapbook, Fallen Away, which is available at all standard outlets.

A reasonable sample of my published work can be viewed at EGGS OVER TOKYO: